Five Top 500px Wildlife Photographers

Pride of Place, Serengeti National Park, Tanzania, 2007.

I put my photos up at these days which has shown in recent months to threaten to become the premiere photo-sharing website on the internet, usurping even firmly established sites such as flickr and Photobucket in more ways than one.

My Five Top Wildlife Photographers on 500px

Following on from Trey Ratcliffe’s recent Favourite Five 500px Photographers post at Stuck in Customs, I’ve decided too to cobble together a top five such list myself, under the Wildlife genre.

I’m sure there are many I’ve not had the priviledge to discover yet, but these are the top five I have found so far. For wildlife photography, I am defining that as photography of animals in the wild – untamed and free, so while there are very good captive animal photographers (i.e Marina Cano and Wolf Ademeit), I’ve decided to keep my selection to just that – exclusively that of photographers of free roaming wildlife.

So, in no established order, my current favourite wildlife photographers on 500px are:

As with any list of this type it’s always difficult to know who to leave out, and on another day the list may well be represented by other photographers. For many others who’s work I admire, you can always visit my 500px friends list.

Finally, for what it’s worth, the badge to my own collection of pictures that I have on 500px:

So am I missing anyone? If I am, then please let me know.